‘If you like music and guitars you will LOVE this show’

Jennifer Batten

Such a great concept and production. It's a great show for guitar players or just music fans in general. It was fun to see the evolution of electric guitar in one show. All the players were super versatile. Fun!'


(World touring guitarist for Michael Jackson & Jeff Beck)

Wendy Boother, Ipswich

Yes, Brilliant! Didn’t know quite what to expect - amazing how so few can play so many guitars in so many genres of music!”


Adam Knott, Camberley

First time I have seen the show - it was amazing it's got to be in my top 10 of shows”


Rob Gilchrist, Durham

First time I have ever seen you perform...…...Let me tell you it will NOT be the last. I thought I knew a bit about all genres of music, but there were artists you covered tonight who I am going to check out in more detail.  THANK YOU FOR A BRILLIANT NIGHT.”


Martin Andrew, Bury St Edmunds

Just watched these guys In Wimborne: go see them - the guitar playing is something to behold. The story they tell not only about guitar hero’s but the guitars themselves is amazing.”


Dave Barratt, Milton Keynes

A great variety of music through the ages played to an incredible enviably high standard. I’ve seen this show twice inside 6 weeks and it was WAY better second time round. BRILLIANT! (This from someone who plays the guitar but is not a musician!)"


Debbie Fuller, Halstead

This was Birthday pressie for my guitar mad partner. I went along to keep him company not expecting to be overly impressed as I’m not a guitar fan. But wow I came out converted. Absolutely brilliant guitar playing and voices."


Denis Devlin, Falkirk

Great night of 6 string guitar wizardry well done to Phil and his fantastic band.  Thanks for keeping it LIVE! Phil haste yeah back to FALKIRK”


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